About Us


Environotics Unlimited is here because you are. We are working to shift a paradigm from symptom relief to real, lasting solutions, for all of life on this planet. Our outlook is new to our times, verifiable in the new sciences, yet ancient in its foundation, going back to the pristine elements of simplistic nature. You will find a lot of information here expressing, exposing, and supporting the truth, as we have learned to see it through research and clinical experience.


For a more complete understanding we recommend you consider reading, “The Underlying Cause of the Unconscious Conspiracy Against Our Health”, by Dr. Wil Spencer, VMSP, Naturopath, Researcher, Master Herbalist, Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward. The book is available on our Download page as an e-book, or you can order it in print here. You will discover the root causes for the degenerating environment and many of the modern health crisis issues such as Candida, allergies, rashes, digestive disorders, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, cancers, and many more.


Since vibrant health is naturally maintained in a correctly nourished body, we are interested in providing the absolute best sources of the vital elements missing from the food chain, as well as those needed to rebuild and restore a natural state of vibrant health. The broad spectrums of pro-biotics and minerals, which are no longer found in nature, are offered here, on the Products tab, along with a very high quality selection of electrically bio-available food supplements.

Life on the planet is degrading while the medical industry, both human and veterinary, is flourishing. We, meaning ourselves as well as our animal friends, are becoming more and more dependent on medical symptom relief to feel as though we are well. They, our animals, like us, and our environment, are depleted of what it takes to enjoy real health.


Real health exists when the body lives in a balanced condition with a fully balanced, correct diet, proper digestion, natural, restful sleep and appropriate, energetic exercise. In this condition when symptoms arise they are easily identified and rectified and they do not reoccur.


Animals are a reflection of what is going on with ourselves and we are all forgetting what it is to feel good. Since our furry people cannot tell us how they are feeling we can make a safe assumption by looking at ourselves as a whole. Symptoms in humans are at an all time high while almost everything going on can be traced back to a few basic missing ingredients that account for approximately 2500 symptoms, all of which, if left unchecked, eventually lead to disease.


Our soils are depleted of minerals and microorganisms so that eating no longer provides the nutrients nature intended. Whatever of quality, does get into our digestive tract, does not get processed efficiently because we lack the flora necessary to do the synthesizing and chelating needed.

Everyone has heard, by now, that there is a new science called Quantum Physics that talks a lot about energy. About that thoughts are energy and everything, everything, even what appears to be solid is just energy.


All of us already understand that we need energy to live. That is why we know we should do things like eat right, exercise and take care of ourselves. We also have at least some awareness of the benefits of living in a world of clean energy.


When it comes to eating right we have been trained to think about the chemistry we need to live. Vitamins, protein, vegetables, they say eat all the food groups every day, things like that.


Now, if you think about it, knowing we need energy to live, and understanding we need to eat right to get that energy, there must be something like “energy” in the food that can somehow transfer, in all that chemistry to become the energy in us. Once the energy is in us there must be some sort of system for it to get around in our bodies, to the places we need it, to fuel our activity and life force.


Thinking about it this way would have us look at what we really need from our food and ask questions like; Where is the energy in all this chemistry? What foods give us the most energy? Are there foods that take away our energy? Is there a good, better, best way to eat for optimum energy transfer? Do our foods have everything we need? What role does pollution play? What about genetically modified foods?


If food has energy in it for us to animate our life force, it must have energy from the earth and sun. So, how does the environment affect what gets into the food that then transfers to us?


Then, if thoughts are energy too how do they affect our health, our well being, the energy in our bodies? Is there a real physical based connection between our mind, our body and our spirit? If so, how does that work?


What about this energy delivery system in our bodies? Could we call these pathways circuits and for simplicity’s sake could we think of them like the wiring in our homes? Can we actually be affected by tripped circuits in our bodies? Can tripped circuits be re-set? Can weak circuits be strengthened?


There is exciting “new”, yet ancient information regarding all these questions and much, much more! Many alternate perspectives on many common paradigms to consider, and we hope you will, as you find your way around our website.


You may find the most complicated issues are often solved with the simplest solutions when you reach the underlying cause. We think anything is possible and when it comes to health, whether we mean our own health, or the health of our planet, we can have it all! The answers are in plain sight.