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In the 1930's the USDA reported approximately 4 million honey bee hives in this country. In early 2008 the figure was only 2.3 million hives. There is a 70% increase in commercial agriculture since 1930. At the same time, there are more than 40% fewer pollinating honey bees.

In the 1930's, 20% of the human population lived in cities and 80% lived in the rural small farm areas. Today it is the opposite, with 80% of the people in the city and 20% rural. Today, it takes more than one income to pay most American families’ bills, thus both parents are working. The stress levels are much higher than in the 1930's.

Industrialization has brought the majority of human populations to industrialized areas for employment. Commercialized agriculture has vastly reduced the number of family farms and gardens where the bees were once happy to work.

Bees and humans now suffer from similar events and circumstances, and have similar challenges, some of these being:

  • They are largely exposed to environmental toxins

  • They are over worked and over stressed

  • They consume devalued and deficient nutrition

  • They are submerged in electromagnetic, or frequency, smog

  • They suffer a significant lack of immunity

In Mr. Presler's 8th grade class in Minnesota we learned that, “We are part of a co-existence with nature". There is an element to our existence that is being left out of the modern equation of co-existence. This equation applies to all of life including we humans, the soil, the plants, the animals, and the honey bee, which is the focus of this paper.

In June of 2007, while driving down a country road in central Minnesota, with my car window down, I was overcome by a huge, unavoidable, cloud of misty death spray as it drifted across the potato fields on both sides of the road I was traveling. Having been unaware of the recent crop dusting, passing through the pesticide cloud, I was hyper aware of the deep concern rising within me for my own well being as a dread, foreboding, doom.

As a result of research and many observations of clients, along with personal experience, I well understood the risk of this exposure. The co-existence of our immune system with the living micro-organisms around, and in us, as well as with every living thing on this planet, requires a balance that needs to be maintained to hold homeostasis. Homeostasis is the property of a living organism to regulate its internal environment so as to maintain a stable, constant condition. An advantage of homeostatic regulation is that it allows an organism to function effectively in a broad range of environmental conditions. I knew I had just entered into a seriously compromising environmental condition.

In a matter of minutes I felt my body’s response to the death cloud, as the multitude of protecting bacteria and other micro-organisms in and on my body began to die. My breathing became restricted, fear set in, my tongue and throat began to swell, and I was fast becoming very disoriented.

My mind became so foggy and my thinking so distorted that focusing on driving took all I could do, at very slow speeds, as I struggled to get clear of the poisoned fields. I had to find a way to report this dangerous and very illegal, killing event. I did manage to make a report to the Department of Agriculture, using the telephone at a neighboring property. When I exited the car to make the call, it was difficult to keep upright on my own two feet.

After reporting the incident, the 20 plus miles home took almost 2 hours to traverse in a dizzying and sickening condition. I remember running off the road and into the ditch twice, wondering as I did, why I could not react. I watched through my own eyes, like a slow motion movie, while what was happening made no sense. My body's response was so delayed that it was too late to correct my trajectory to avoid a mishap and I ended up in the ditch each time.

Thankfully, in upstate Minnesota, roads are straight and flat and one can drive a long way without encountering another vehicle.

Thankfully too, my knowledge of natural health was second nature for me and even in the compromised state I was in, I was able to put what I already knew to work. I re-introduced several strains of Probiotics, or, beneficial micro-organisms, into my system. I diligently washed off the poisons, and applied a very biologically alive cream onto my skin, and then I rested. Once my cognizance returned sufficiently I was able to coach my partner to help me re-set my internal electrical magnetic system.

Continuing this protocol of reestablishing my immunity and my natural, internal chelation processes, through implanting a broad spectrum of both colonizing and soil borne microorganisms, as well as continued stabilization of my electrical grid system, I was able to function in just three days. As a comparative reference, I have helped several clients, whom, after receiving medical treatment for a similar exposure, did not improve after five weeks.

The body’s first line of defense against a chemical drift is the approximately 1,000 micro-organisms per square inch of skin that actually eat the pesticide exposure. Of course, this exposure was overwhelming and the result of the chemical in direct contact to my body was immediate, killing the micro-organisms that naturally live on us and in us to protect us. After the micro-organisms died, the chemical compounds on my skin were readily absorbed causing nerve and electrical damage. Environmental immunity is sourced in these micro-organisms so that when they die, we too begin to die.

When comparing the body mass of an adult human to a small honey bee, it is not difficult to imagine the devastating effects of a similar exposure on the bees. The chemical compounds affect a living organism’s electrical magnetic system, which guides the energy flow of the life force. This kind of poisoning is not unlike opening the fuse box or breaker panel in your home to expose all the wires and then using an eight pound hammer to break the system down.

My interest in honey bees came as a natural outcome of my research and work in the area of human health. Humans need to eat healthy to be healthy, so healthy foods are a primary focus. The majority of healthy foods depend on healthy bees for pollination and we now have another example of co-existence in nature.

Being a beekeeper for many years has allowed me opportunity for first hand research and observation. My hives were on a five acre plot of land full of the most pure and diverse honey bee habitat in the northern USA. The natural flora provided the honey bees all the necessary food and protection for year around survival. This environment was chemical free and the soil was being fortified naturally, with bio-dynamic philosophies.

The first two years of the honey bee operation were very successful. The honey bees lived and thrived at will with no visible negative effects. There was a long-vacant commercial turkey and crop farm located 400 feet away from my hives, which remained dormant until the third year of my honey bee operation. In the Spring of the third year of operation, a new owner re-opened the farm operations across the road. The new owner brought in white sterile birds and all the associated commercial industrial farming practices and planted crops of Genetically Modified corn and soybeans.

Coincidental to the neighboring commercial farm activities, our bees' mortality rate rose that fall and winter. In the fourth year we lost hives to mites and foul brood. We did not even get through the summer of the fifth year, with the new batch of bees, when they simply up and left! I stood in the midst of a swarm in early June and felt a sad uneasy sensation in my heart. By July the bees were all gone. They left behind only those too young and diseased to fly. This was my introduction to CCD (colony collapse disorder)!

Just as I was overwhelmed and disoriented after being sprayed by the pesticide drift, the honey bee is being overwhelmed and disoriented. The honey bee, like us, has an immune system that is dependent on the natural and diverse population of micro-organisms both internally and externally. When these organisms die, so does the natural protection mechanism. Pesticides not only destroy the bees that are directly exposed to them, they also disrupt the natural balance of co-existence by destroying the beneficial microorganisms throughout the environment.

The surviving, more aggressive, unbalanced, micro-organisms are free to wreak havoc at will, without the beneficial microorganisms to keep them in check, hence the viral, bacterial, fungal, and other pathogenic disorders manifesting today. This affects not only the honey bee, but every species on earth co-existing in an unbalanced environment.

I once did an experiment to prove just this. My home was next to a commercial potato farm and I chose to raise potatoes exactly 137 feet from theirs.

My goal was to create the most vibrant natural, homeostatic, environment possible for growing my potatoes, so I used my own compost for growing media. I applied water, a solution of soil borne microorganisms, which I now sell, and of course, they received only positive care by my family and me. In return those Yukon gold potatoes had a flavor and quality that were unmatched anywhere.

During the growing season the commercial farmers regularly used an airplane to spray pesticides. Now remembering, what I was taught in 8th grade about the natural order, bugs are attracted to consume a diseased and unhealthy plant.

When the airplane showed up for the spraying of pesticides, 137 feet away from my crop of potatoes, I witnessed an event that was most astonishing. The chemical fog of poison created a mass exodus of insects from that potato field that smothered both myself and my crop. My garden was inundated with the neighbor's bugs. But, something was not happening. My potatoes were not attracting the bugs. In fact my potatoes were not bothered by the neighbor’s bugs all season, even though this practice of chemical application went on several times. My potatoes lived to fulfill their destiny into my root cellar.

What was the difference between my potatoes and the commercial starchy sponges that look like potatoes across the road? Mine were allowed to live in their natural order. They received very little stress, no toxins, at least from me, and their home the rhizosphere, was as balanced as I could get it.

I described an event where I was incapacitated by chemical drift of a pesticide being applied to a farmer's field. I mentioned this event because this very thing is also happening to the honey bee.

As we all know, pesticides are designed to kill things. And according to the EPA the inert or bulk of these pesticides ingredients are mostly industrial waste, hazardous waste, and several other chemical compounds now being released into the environment, along with the killing pesticide.

Once again, we must look at the homeostasis of the honey bee in order to fully understand the problem.

One cannot lay the blame on any one source. It is this industrial system as a whole. Sir Albert Howard, an Imperial Chemical Botanist, in 1931 warns us in his book, The Soil and Health, the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers leads to imperfectly synthesized protein in the plants, thus resulting in many of the diseases found in plants, animals, insects, and human beings. Humans and honey bees are protein eaters. The honey bee consumes the pollen from the plants and the honey it makes, which is a very high protein diet. The human as with the honey bee cannot achieve the homeostatic state when ingesting an unbalanced and distorted protein molecule.

Dr. Joseph D. Weissman, associate professor at UCLA College of Medicine strongly states that most of today's killer diseases are caused by environmental toxins produced by our industrial society, and there are many, many more doctors of medicine and traditional health care providers coming to understand and see the truth of these toxins on not just the human body but also the soil, animals, and hopefully the devastating effects on the honey bee.

The vast majority of honey bees today are moved and worked beyond their natural order. They are shipped from one region to the next to pollinate huge seasonal crops such as the almond, citrus, and apple trees. Beekeepers now plan to lose large percentages of their bees during the stress of pollination each year.

Not only are the bees stressed and worked beyond their natural order, the crops they are taken to are heavily sprayed with pesticides. Many are also Genetically Modified. So, the bees’ food source is poisoned and corrupted as well.

It has been quoted that Albert Einstein had said, ‘‘If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” In the US, an abrupt disappearance of bees was observed several years ago and was associated with the rising electromagnetic pollution.

The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) is a communications system that the military has constructed. It operates in the very-low-frequency (VLF) range, with transmissions between 150 and 175 kHz. This range was selected because its signals travel by means of waves that have a tendency to hug the ground rather than by radiating into the atmosphere. This signal transmits in a 360 circle to a distance of 250 to 300 miles. The stations are from 200 to 250 miles apart, allowing the entire magnetic field to be altered and the whole terrain saturated.

Despite mounting evidence from the scientific community that microwave energy emitted from cell towers is harmful to humans and wildlife, telecom companies are expected to increase the number of these towers to be built throughout the nation. There is a vast amount of information already available on the internet describing the health and environmental hazards incurred due to EMF radiation

Extremely low frequency (ELF) waves are electromagnetic radiation(radio waves) with frequencies from 3 to 300 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths from 1000 to 100,000 kilometers. A study into the effects of a cell tower on a herd of cattle was conducted by the Bavarian state government in Germany and published in 1998. The erection of the tower caused adverse health effects resulting in a measurable drop in milk yield. Relocating the cattle restored the milk yield. Moving them back to the pasture recreated the problem.

Cows are not bees, obviously, however the point is the effect of this frequency smog on life itself and then considering the small size of the honey bee’s body does not resist much penetration.

I am passionately recommending my protocol for the strengthening the honey bees' immune system. Just like I did with my bees, a reintroduction of micro-organisms into the honey bees' environment and into their bodies can re-establish the hive to a more balanced natural order. The more balanced protocol I use and recommend can be found here along with full directions and application equipment.

So please, just look around you. The honey bees are trying to tell us something! I'm trying to tell you something! We are in a situation of huge proportions! The chemicals in our environment are killing us. Take the time to really read the web site and research for yourself. In order for any of these problems to be corrected there has to be a change. Just as little David with his rock and sling made a difference so can we make a difference together.


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