NF Amino 750 90 Capsules

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Amino acids are known as the body's building blocks. Each protein that supports your tissues is constructed from amino acids. Over 1600 proteins are present in our bodies, yet they are made from just 22 amino acids. While some of these can be produced by the body, the remainder have to come from your diet. If just one amino acid is not present, your body will not be able to generate the proteins it needs to function fully. Being deficient in amino acids can lead to a variety of health complaints, including malnourishment. Thanks to the strains of every day life, it is relatively easy to become deficient in amino acids. Not eating enough protein, suffering stress, illness, trauma, aging and taking medications can all lead to your body lacking amino acids. Taking the Amino Acid Complex will support your body in synthesizing everything it needs to meet the demands of daily life, to improve your mental performance, improve digestive functioning, enhance neurological development, boost your immune system, and promote a faster recovery process, enhance your mood, and it will help your hunger hormones balance, as blood sugar remains stable.

For high speed muscle repair take up to 6 capsules two times daily.

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