Probiotic Powder 6 oz

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Our BeeAssist probiotics offer the honey bee better digestive parameters and the added immunity and natural chelation of environmental pollution. When you offer the BeeAssist minerals and probiotics to your honey bees you are offering hope to the future of the planet and all who are directly or indirectly effected by the honey bees job.

Ingredients: A proprietary concentrated population of beneficial soil borne microorganisms in a naturally occurring, bioavailable Bentonite and Maltodextrin base

Directions: Offer free choice to the bees with easy access. Protect from direct sun, temperature extremes and moisture.

Suggestions: Sprinkle in and around the hive to keep it clean free of mites, mold and fungus. Bees will gather and use as needed, otherwise works effectively in their environment. May be added to pollen patty mix.

Clinical Notes: Aids the Honey Bee’s digestion and enhances immunity. Causes natural chelation of toxins derived from agricultural and cosmetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs and other environmental toxins and pollutants. Prevent overgrowth of fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Works best when used in an overall program of nutritional and environmental support.

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