VibrantBees Kit Small

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Every Small Kit includes one of each of the following items

  • Beezymes

  • Probiotic Powder 6 oz

  • Probiotic Nectar 8 oz

  • Mineral Buzz 32 oz 

Our VibrantBees probiotics offer the honey bee better digestive

parameters and the added immunity and natural chelation of

environmental pollution. When you offer the VibrantBees

minerals and probiotics to your honey bees you are offering

hope to the future of the planet and all who are directly or

indirectly effected by the honey bees job. Beezymes relieve the

digestive stress and damage caused by working in a toxic and

depleted environment.


Probiotic Nectar : A broad, diverse and stable population of live, naturally

occurring Soil Borne Organisms in an amino acid and negatively charged,

broad spectrum plant mineral base with stabilized oxygenated water.

Probiotic Powder : A concentrated population of Archaea and Bacillus

Laterosporus BOD in a naturally occurring negatively charged,

bioavailable Bentonite and maltodextrine base.

Mineral Buzz : A correct, broad spectrum of naturally occurring bio-

available plant derived minerals.

BeeZymes: A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics and plant

derived minerals in a fermented fiber base

Directions: Shake liquid before using. Offer free choice to the bees with easy access.

Protect from direct sun, temperature extremes and moisture. Store out of

sunlight and away from EMF’s between 60 and 90 degrees. Keep out of

reach of children.

Suggestions: Can be used in a frame feeder in a free choice manner to the honeybees. All

products adapt well to individual methods and preferences for feeding and

supplementing the hives. Bees do extremely well on a combination of all the

elements available in the VibrantBees Kit.

Clinical Notes: Intended to aid the Honey Bee’s digestion and enhance immunity. Causes

natural chelation of toxins derived from agricultural and cosmetic pesticides,

synthetic fertilizers, GMO’s and other environmental toxins and pollutants.

These products are environmentally safe, totally organic and non-pathogenic.

Have been used on commercial hives recovered from obvious wasting, which

then pollinated and produced a honey crop in the same year.

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