Protect against CCD

Stop Fungus

Build Immunity

Aid Digestion

Eliminate Viruses and Bacteria

Increase Energy and Stamina

Chelate Toxins, Pesticides, Pollution

Support Health, Healing, Life Force

Reverse effects of GMO’s

Improve Homing Instincts

Clean and Decontaminate the Hive

Eliminate Rx

Eliminate Chemical treatment

Bee Defense and Immunity

Vibrant Bees offers natural biological defense and immune enhancement for honey bees! Super charges honey bees with a proprietary concentration of plant and earth derived phytogenic (natural colloids) minerals absolutely necessary for healthy bees and honey. Aids digestion, causes natural chelation from toxic exposure to agricultural and cosmetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs and other environmental pollutants. Provides over 500 strains of beneficial soil organisms. Honey bee decline and die off is rooted in malnutrition due to diminished minerals and microorganisms in their food supply.

Degeneration weakens the hives and makes a friendly environment for predatory pests, bacterium, virus and fungi. Commercial bees have a greater stress as a result of frequently changing locations. Vibrant Bees restores a natural environment inside the hives and inside the bees. Pests, bacterium, virus and fungi cannot proliferate in the bees’ natural internal environment

Avoid the need for antibiotic or other drug treatments.

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