Bella Donna

I LOVE your bee products and have seen a huge difference in the health of my bees in the past two years that I’ve been using it.

Last winter was my best winter ever with feeding my bees, NO SUGAR or junk. I had nine hives going into winter, get this… after a very dry year, they had little to no honey stores.  Everyone said they weren’t going to make it. Most people I know lost a lot of bees, manyin record numbers. I lost none.  I live in Central Arizona and we have some warm days, sometimes in December and January it can get up into the 60s after night time temperatures in the 20s and 30s.  I open feed away from my hives with food scraps, mostly fruitsand peels, sprinkled with your powdered probiotics and minerals.   I have bottle holes in the top of my hives where I water and honey water feed them.  During warm days here in the winter I will crack that open and put a few tablespoons of honeycomb with your products mixed in. At the end of winter and throughout spring I also add Brewer’s yeast.  My bees this year are also doing great. THANKS for providing a healthy and natural way to support the bees through winter without sugar and artificial crap.

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